1. Favourite time of thanksgiving! Pie time! #pumpkinpie #eggnog #yum


  2. PSA



    but I might be able to make an ask blog sometime in the future.

    if it’s not already taken, it’ll probably be ask-the-mage-of-life

    i dunno, just a heads up kayy?



  3. Guys…
    I’m gonna have to get rid of tumblr : (

  4. phils-mum-and-llama-placentas:


    [Descriptive noise] subtitles are actually poetry. 

    Sobbing mathematically

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  5. questlon:

    i broke up with my gym
    we were just not working out

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  6. seansoo:

    it’s literally halloween night and i’m sitting in front of my computer on a fucking blogging website i’m living to the fullest

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  7. mutisija:

    nipple is a bad word. say “sensitive chest raisin” instead

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  8. Drag it i guess

  9. tobuscus:

    TOADBUSCUS #halloween #ribbet

  10. ectobiolodaddy:

    another sad boy

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